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4 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

The term intermittent fasting has been used more and moreover in the past decade, and for good reason. Intermittent fasting has been shown to have a number of health benefits. This eating pattern involves going through cycles of eating and fasting. Popular cycles include the 16:8 where you consume food......

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The Story Behind Pain-Free Hair Removal

What is hair removal The process of removing hair from the body intentionally is called hair removal. There can be various reasons for removing hair from the body. Male athletes and bodybuilders also prefer permanent hair removal over waxing and other methods. Apart from this, there can be other reasons......

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Why You Shouldn't Bother with Box Dyes, according to the Pros

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your natural color or you want to try an entirely new hair color, it may seem tempting to pick up boxed hair dye from your local store. However, it’s important to remember that box dyes are not a hair holy grail. If you’ve ever......

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Get Your Body Ready for the Summer

Are you ready for the summer Do you have the perfect beach body to show off in your social media feed while hanging out at the pool drinking coconuts If you dont, theres no need to panic; you have two excellent ways to get there. The first is the workout......

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4 Staple Fashion Items for Women that Will Last a Lifetime

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your wardrobe up to date, keeping up with the latest outfit trends can be a chore. Sometimes there is a lot to be said about going back to basics. Particularly, since there are some items of clothing that never go out of......

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Teen's traveling guide to staying safe in 2021- Here are your packing essentials!

Gone are the days when traveling was supposed to be all about packing your bags, and the most formidable challenge to surpass was picking the destination. But not anymore! Today the most important thing for everyone is to keep themselves from the nasty Covid-19 virus, especially for teens. Yes, that’s......

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Here's how to look enchanted for your fantasy fairy tale wedding!

OMG! The time has finally come to relive your dreams and fantasies you had while imagining what your wedding day is going to look like. So, if you envisioned yourself walking down the aisle looking like a beautiful princess, then heres something to make your dreams come true. Planning a......

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